NYSARC Trust Services 2017 Guardianship Grant News Release

NYSARC Trust Services 2017 Guardianship and Recreation Grant News Release

The Arc of Dutchess, a not-for-profit organization supporting people with disabilities in Dutchess County, has been awarded $64, 379.24 in combined grants from the Trustee Management Board of NYSARC Trust Services to support The Arc of Dutchess’ Guardianship and recreation programs.

NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts (SNT) that can make dramatic improvements to the lives of people with disabilities while enabling individuals to maintain eligibility for public benefits programs, such as Medicaid and SSI.  For 2017, NYSARC Trust Services is proud to fulfill its commitment to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by awarding a total of $2,793,500 in grants to The Arc New York (formerly known as NYSARC, Inc.) Chapters statewide.

The Arc of Dutchess Guardianship program acts on behalf of The Arc New York as Legal Guardian, Standby Guardian and Alternate Standby Guardian for 19 individuals.  The Guardianship Committee is dedicated to supporting individuals in living their most fulfilled and independent lives.  Committee members play a crucial role in life changing decisions including assisting individuals as they navigate complicated medical diagnosis and recommended treatment.  In previous years the Chapter has received similar grants from NYSARC Trust Services which allowed the Chapter’s Guardianship Committee to host two socials a year, purchase birthday and holiday gifts for those in the program, cover staff travel and training expenses and off-set staff salaries.

In addition, The Trustees of NYSARC, Inc. approved a remainder fund grant of $15,000 per chapter to provide recreational opportunities for the people they support. As with prior grants, in 2017 the grant was used to support individuals in the residential program who expressed the desire to attend various activities. These activities included the the Think Differently Dash, a play at the Westchester Broadway Theater, a concert at Carnegie Hall, a WWE wrestling match, baseball games, a Lake George vacation and attendance at a Holiday Formal. People in our residential program also enjoyed several puchases including a bike, board games, craft supplies and rhythm instruments. Our community habilitation program participants were able to enjoy a picnic with their families and providers. People receiving supports in our day programs benefited from the purchase of a variety of activities and games and attended music classes as well as a self advocacy seminar. Children in our summer program enjoyed a trip to the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

The mission of The Arc of Dutchess is respecting and supporting what matters to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and promoting their right to achieve full inclusion and participation in the community. Our organization has been supporting people with disabilities and their families since 1971, we currently have a membership of 552 and support over 900 people with disabilities in the Dutchess County area. Our services include residential supports, day habilitation, employment services, clinical therapies, recreation, family support, guardianship and service coordination. The Arc of Dutchess is accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership. For more information, call 845-635-8084 or visit our website at www.arcdutchess.org.

About NYSARC Trust Services

NYSARC Trust Services has administered supplemental needs trusts since 1972, helping more than 16,000 people with disabilities protect their eligibility for government benefits and improve their quality of life. The trust programs give people with disabilities the opportunity to remain in their communities with greater comfort and independence while providing peace of mind to their family and loved ones.

NYSARC Trust Services administers first- and third-party supplemental needs trusts, pooled trusts for income and resource (asset) protection, and individual trusts. When protecting settlement proceeds with a NYSARC Community Trust, we can also administer Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) accounts. For more information, please call (518) 439-8323 or visit us online www.nysarctrustservices.org.

NYSARC Rec Grant

NYSARC Trust Services Recreation Grant

The Trustees of the NYSARC, Inc. Trust have approved a remainder fund grant of $12,500 per chapter to provide recreational opportunities for people they support. Last year The Arc of Dutchess received a similar grant from NYSARC Trust Services and used the funds in the same fashion this year. In 2016 the grant was used to support individuals in the residential program who expressed the desire to attend various activities. These activities included the Think Differently Walk, the Renaissance Fair and the 2016 Holiday Formal. Additionally, people in our residences were supported to put on a talent show, host several parties and attend family events. Other items purchased for the homes were outdoor games, a bicycle, a gazebo with lawn furniture, art supplies, exercise equipment and a fish tank. The Day Habilitation program participants benefited from various games, new television sets and camera equipment while the children in our summer program were able to enjoy weekly art classes. In addition, remainder fund grants totaling $ 1,466,000 were awarded to support NYSARC guardianship programs statewide. A total of $1,874,000 in remainder grants was awarded in 2016 to support recreation and guardianship statewide. NYSARC Trust Services administers supplemental needs trusts that enable people with disabilities to remain in their home and community while retaining Medicaid services and other government benefits. Information is available on how NYSARC Trust Services may benefit you: our website www.nysarctrustservices.org, phone 1-518-439-8323, toll free phone 1-800-735-8924 or e-mail info@nysarctrustservices.org.