Every Day Heroz

Every Day Heroz

The Everyday Heroz program is a way to recognize employees who go above and beyond the expectations of their normal assignments.

Employees are nominated when their peers or management believes they deserve special recognition when they observe the employee Going Above and Beyond, Superior Initiative, Overcoming Significant Obstacles, Motivating and Inspiring others. 

Here is a list of this quarter’s Every Day Heroez. Congragulations to these outstanding employees!

Oneil Jones

Oneil Jones

Jamie Griffin

Adriana Jarvis

Regan Smith

Audrey Hubert

Kayla Slyter

Parven Akter

Shirley Thomas

George Norton

Vincent D’Ambrosia

Darby Walsh

Graham Thomson

Pat Mushel

Christine Henning

Pleasant Valley IRA Team

Liz Ducey

Nan Kramer

Jessica Kruk

Janessa Jackson