Our Staff

Please note our phone extensions have changed. (7/9/18)

photo of Crys McCuin

Crys McCuin
Executive Director
845-635-8084 x 21101

photo of Evelyn Flavin

Evelyn Flavin
Executive Secretary
845-635-8084 x 21100

photo of Marie Fitzmaurice

Marie Fitzmaurice
Associate Executive Director
845-635-8084 x 21134

photo of Steve Constable

Steven Constable
Chief Financial Officer
845-635-8084 x 21103

photo of Sarah Weikel

Sarah Weikel
Chief Advancement Officer
845-635-8084 x 21171

photo of Jennifer Muller

Jen Muller
Director of Human Resources
845-635-8084 x 21107

photo of Melinda Walsh

Melinda Walsh
Director of Corporate Compliance/HIPPA Security Officer
845-635-8084 x 21136

photo of Linda G. Campbell

Linda G Campbell
Director of Employment Services
845-471-8876 x 22173 / 845-373-9656

photo of Catherine Ottaviana

Catherine Ottaviani
Director of Day Services
845-471-8876 x 22115

photo of Marco Ingoglia

Marco Ingoglia
Director of Residential Services
845-635-8084 x 21141