Employee Service

Employee Service

The Arc of Dutchess realizes that people choose where to plant their roots.  For those who have decided to seed their careers with us, they can look forward to thanks and recognition for their service.

Service Awards begin at three years, then five and then every five years thereafter.  Awards vary by number of years but include engraved gifts, financial rewards and  – perhaps our most popular – our reserved parking sign.

Whether employees stay for three years or thirty, we know how much they enjoy working here because of how it enriches their lives, the value of working with the people we support, and the warm and supportive nature of our staff.

In 2016 we thanked these great folks for their years of service…congratulations!

2019 20 Years of Service

  • Luisa Cecere
  • Ann-Marie Angell

2018 15 Years of Service


2019 10 Years of Service

  • Erica L. Eutsey
  • Lori A. Couture
  • Patricia Thomas-Watson
  • Michelle L. Morabito

2019 Five Years of Service

  • Michael N. Penfield
  • Samantha M. Sleight
  • Shameka C. Coleman
  • Matthew P. Lyons
  • Ronald B. Nicholson
  • Roniesha L. Ballard
  • Danielle N. Franzese
  • Alma Gibson
  • Oavah S. Gordon
  • Shirley Lovejoy
  • Denise A. Wornell
  • James M. Bukowski Jr.
  • Francesca J. Fragola
  • Audrey J. Hubert
  • Lisa A. Kelly
  • Tempi E. Hopkins
  • Autumn J.  Johnson
  • Lorrainn N. Mcfarlane-ingram

2019 Three Years of Service

  • Clare Prendergast
  • Catherine E. Santaro
  • Nelson N. Andrades
  • Cynthia M. Bahret
  • Robert D’Agostino
  • I’tesha J. Smith-Brown
  • Georgianna N. Weston
  • Kevin Cerdas Wilson
  • Andre D. Hamilton
  • Anne-Marie Mauricette-Lamontagne
  • Kim Dinelle
  • Tiffany D. Conte
  • Nicole M. Kennedy
  • Maria Cavanna
  • Eden I. Banks
  • De’jarah B. Cotton
  • Renata G. Desmarais
  • Sharon D. Seymour
  • Michael Rao