Advocacy & Education

Advocacy & Education

The Arc of Dutchess needs your help to determine if we’re meeting our mission. If you are a person receiving services or a family member or advocate of a person receiving services, please take a few minutes to answer this brief survey. Start Survey

John.selfadvocacyWhat is Self-Advocacy?

Self-Advocates speak up for themselves, make decisions about their own lives, learn how to get information so that they can understand things that are of interest to them, and work with people who will support them in their journey.

Even though they may request and require the support of others, we at The Arc of Dutchess understand and support that they are entitled to be in control of their own resources, how they are directed and most importantly have right to make life decisions without undue influence or control of others.

Advisory Council

The Arc of Dutchess Board of Directors and Administration enlists the opinion and partnership of an Advisory Council comprised of self-advocates. Members of The Council play a vital role in the organization discussing issues that are important to them, and focusing on recommendations for improvements to the Arc of Dutchess and how we continue to advance our mission.

The Council exists to give people, who are receiving supports from The Arc of Dutchess, a voice in how they want to live their lives. At its core it is about individuals exercising their rights to the fullest extent possible while receiving the supports they require to live the lives they imagine.

Membership is open to self-advocates who are interested in meeting together to influence agency policy, discuss human rights issues, and seek to generate awareness and improvement.

Members of the Advisory Council meet every other month. Self-advocates who are interested in participating should contact Maureen Constable at 845 635-8084, extension 21155 or via email at