Day Services

Day Services

daytime-opportunitiesGuided by our values of respect and integrity, Dutchess County residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities are able to receive support transitioning from school all the way to retirement if they choose. Led by our team of professionals, everything we do is designed to support optimal health, self care and personal growth, while respecting each person’s unique strengths and contributions.

Young Adults

Our core belief is that every person has the right to pursue the life they imagine.  Our dedicated team offers educational opportunities to continue skill development that will support and guide people to their personal and professional aspirations. For example, our team leaders network and consult with community leaders and local businesses to develop and tailor group sessions and classes to help hone individual career aspirations and the social skills that are needed to succeed in the world of employment.

Adult Social Day Program

Hosted in our accessible, single-level space, we provide endless opportunities for people to achieve full inclusion and participation in their community. Attendees socialize with other members, visit areas of personal interest, serve on our own or outside designated committees and explore business and neighborhood opportunities in order to grow maximum mental, physical and social acuity. People 55 years of age and older will be supported to meet and develop friendships with other people of their age in the community. If they desire, new friendships are made and opportunities abound to volunteer and stay connected with their community.

For more information, contact Catherine Ottaviani at 845-471-8876 x 115 or