Employment Services

Employment Services

RosickiThe Arc of Dutchess explores Career Options for individuals through our Supported Employment Services Division, in partnership with businesses throughout Dutchess County.  We will work with each business to pursue a variety of career and employment opportunities depending on an individual’s skills and interests.

Specialized services include job readiness, skill assessment, resume development, benefits advisement, career exploration and counseling, job development, on the job training and follow up services. These services are supported by funds from (ACCES-VR) Adult Career and Continuing Education Services, (OPWDD) Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, and (OMH) Office of Mental Health, allowing The Arc of Dutchess to serve people with varied needs and desires.

Individual placements can be developed for those requiring minimal support at the job site. Businesses requiring more support can work with a small group of individuals, with the inclusion of a job coach who provides the structure and guidance needed for optimal employment. Our person-centered approach offers each individual the opportunity to express their ideas and choices for ideal employment outcomes. For more information, call Linda Campbell at 845-471-8876 Ext 173 or email inquiries to lgcampbell@arcdutchess.org.

2009 Lawn Crew Admin Aug16Employment Training Program (ETP) offers job seekers with developmental disabilities opportunities to pursue internships at businesses in the community with the goal of gaining and maintaining paid employment.  ETP is a comprehensive process that includes: job assessment, discovery, creating an employment profile, job development and on-the-job coaching – while building confidence and successful employment in the workplace. For more information, call Linda Campbell at 845-471-8876 Ext 173 or email inquiries to lgcampbell@arcdutchess.org.

Pathway to Employment is a person-centered employment planning and support service that provides assistance for individuals to obtain, maintain or advance into competitive employment or self-employment. This service offers a personalized planning process that helps individuals identify a career or vocational goal. Instruction and training will be provided in job readiness skills while developing a plan for achieving competitive, integrated employment at or above the New York State minimum wage.  The outcome of this service will be to identify a career objective, and a detailed career plan that has prepared them for on-going employment services. For more information, call Linda Campbell at 845-471-8876 Ext 173 or email inquiries to lgcampbell@arcdutchess.org.

Community Pre Voc is a habilitation service designed to assist individuals in developing employment readiness skills. These services consist of learning and having work experiences, including volunteer work that is not job-task specific but contributes to an individual’s ability to obtain and maintain paid employment. The Arc of Dutchess will help individuals to understand and develop basic skills needed to pursue successful employment. Trainings will include but are not limited to: following directions, attention to task, problem solving, work safety, adapting to work routines/demands, and travel training. We help individuals understand the importance of having appropriate work habits that will enhance their potential for success at any job they may acquire.  Individuals will be assessed to determine his or her work interests and skills, so specific strategies can be developed to further their vocational plans for the future. For more information, contact Rick Devizio RDevizio@arcdutchess.org 845-471-8876 x 174.

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