Rec and teen Club goes to Renegades Baseball Game

Rec and Teen Club goes to Renegades Baseball Game

Writtin by Michael Rao

A renegades player takes bat

On Sunday, August 4, the Rec and Teen Club went to the Renegades Baseball Game. Before the game happened it was raining on that day and they stayed in the van until the rain stopped. On Saturday, August 3 the day before, it was Disability Dream and Do theme at the Dutchess Stadium. Tonight’s game theme was Star Wars. Everyone dressed up as Star Wars characters. Before the game they held a moment of silence for the people who died in 2 violent tragedies  in El Paso and Dayton. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. And then came game time. The Hudson Valley Renegades celebrate a big win over the West Virginia Black Bears 5-3!! Congratulations to the Hudson Valley Renegades!!

Michael Rao
Michael Rao and Carrie O’herron
Carrie, and Josh